Thank you to our 2022 7th Annual Foundation Gala Sponsors

Our Mission

The mission of the Foundation is to serve the greater Tampa Bay area law enforcement by securing and providing financial resources to support leadership, education and training, research programs, and to provide financial educational assistance in the form of scholarships to local students seeking education in criminal justice-related fields.

Local Police Association Provides Law Enforcement Fund-Raising in the Tampa Bay area

As a not for profit 501 (c) (3) law enforcement fund-raising police association, we provide a wide range of opportunities to raise money to promote law enforcement. Our goal is to provide ways to continue education and research, as well as provide scholarships for college students in the criminal justice field.

Representing the Tampa Bay Area Chiefs of Police

From business owners and charitable associations to private citizens, anyone who is so inclined is welcome to donate to our law enforcement fund-raising cause. Support the law enforcement agencies that protect and serve the public with donations that will advance education, research, and scholarships for local law enforcement. It is our goal to build future law enforcement officers and leaders through these opportunities.  Visit the Tampa Bay Area Chiefs of Police Association website at

Contact our police association when you want to raise funds for your agency. We help with law enforcement fund-raising all over the Tampa Bay area.