About Us

We are a not for profit 501(c)(3) fund raising foundation for the Tampa Bay Area Chiefs of Police Association, offering education and research for local law enforcement coupled with providing scholarships to college students in Criminal Justice related fields.

Our Mission

The mission of this foundation is to serve the greater Tampa Bay area law enforcement. As a not for profit 501(c)(3) fund-raising association, we perform this mission by securing and providing financial resources to support leadership, education, training, and research programs. In addition, we strive to provide financial educational assistance in the form of scholarships to local students seeking education in criminal justice related fields.

Our Vision

The foundation shall be a professional entity within the greater Tampa Bay area law enforcement community formed to organize resources in collaboration, establish public and private partnerships, and create supporters to champion innovative programs. We want to produce contemporary research, foster education and training, and provide support for identified educational purposes. These programs will enhance and improve public safety, security, and educational opportunities for our Tampa Bay area community.

Contact our police association and learn more about how we can help your law enforcement agency anywhere in the Tampa Bay area.