2021 Tampa Bay Area Chiefs of Police Association Law Enforcement Academy Scholarship Application

The Tampa Bay Area Chiefs of Police Association, through the hard work of the Tampa Bay Area Chiefs of Police Foundation, is seeking to enhance academy completion opportunities through the award of several student scholarships for the 2021 academic year.

Please find the accompanying documents for additional details of the award and application process.

2020 Scholarship Winners

Hailey Baumaister
Vincente Kapusta
Roxanna Garibay
Joshua Ura
Oliva March


2019 Scholarship Winners

Jerrell Blenman
Gianna De Grace
Jeffrey DiVincent
Bailee Leistl
Sage Loux
Josiah Pineda
Joseph Pineda
Nicholas Rodriguez
Katherine Stephenson
Ty Young

2018 Scholarship Winners

Jacob Smith
Cameron Womack
Ethan Hymes
Kenneth Kilian
Jordyn Jennings
Luby Fields
Laura Young
Rebecca Burkett
Elizabeth Marwin
Victoria Hossler

 2018 Academy Scholarship Winners

Marquis Fitzgerald
Andrew Kondek

 2017 Academy Scholarship Winners

Sarah Gimbel
Nabil El Mehdaoui
Briana Gonzalez
Matthew Baumaister
Paige Lenczden

 2017 Academy Scholarship Winners

Juanita O’Harra
Daniel Collado
Raymond Albinger

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