Officers and Board of Directors





 Major David Dolton– President, Clearwater Police Department


 Chief James Walters – Dade City Police Department

 Deputy Chief Mike Loux – Secretary/Treasurer, Largo Police Department

Board Members

Major Michael Baumaister –Tampa Police Department
​Past President-2018

 William Berger – United States Marshal
 Middle District of Florida​

 Chief Chris Daniel – USF Police Department

 Mark Ober – State Attorney (Ret.)
Thirteenth Circuit

 Major Robert Ura – Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

 Major Jeffrey Peake – Pasco County Sheriff’s Office

 Chief Robert Kochen – Tarpon Springs Police
Past President 2016

 Chief Charlie Vazquez – Tampa Airport Police Department, Past President 2019-2020

Lifetime Achievement Awards

Sheriff David Gee (retired Hillsborough County)
Greg Brown (retired colonel, Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office)
James D. Sewell (ret. asst. commisioner FDLE)
Jane Castor (retired Tampa chief of police)
Judge Elizabeth Kovachevich
Joe Voskerichian (Director, Gold Shield Foundation)
John Sykes (Sykes Enterprises, philanthropist)
Phillip McNiff (ret. SAC FBI, co-founder of Gold Shield)
Vivian Reeves (Reeves Motorcars, philanthopist)
Sheriff Walter Heinrich (retired Hillsborough County)
George Steinbrenner (Yankees, co-founder of Gold Shield)

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